Tire Guide

Choosing the right tire
Choosing the right tire depends on your vehicle, your driving style and the conditions you’ll be driving in.

All of our tires meet exacting Goodyear standards, so you can focus on picking the tire that’s right for

your needs.

The weather where you live and drive:Depending on what your local climate is like, you might need

different tires for different seasons. If temperatures drop below 7 °C during winter months, you should

consider buying a set of winter tires.

Driving style:Be sure to take your driving style into account when choosing tires. For example, mileage

should be a consideration if you make frequent long journeys. If you have a sporty driving style, consider

tires with good cornering grip. Evaluating the performance characteristics of a tire will help you find a

tire that suits your style.

The type of vehicle you drive:OE (original equipment) tires are the tires fitted on your car at the factory

by the vehicle manufacturer. When selecting OE tires, vehicle manufacturers usually choose a tire make

and model that will serve the widest range of buyers. There may be further recommendations for

replacement tires in your owner’s manual. Typically, the OE tire will be well suited to your vehicle, but

you should also consider alternatives.

Your budget:While it’s impossible to tell exactly how long your tire will last or how much fuel it can

save, your dealer can advise you on the best value tire for your driving needs and your budget.